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About us

Miano Group s.r.o

imports Inlet fills and flush valves, wastes and traps (for sinks, showers, washing mashines, urinals, wash-basins, bidet), CLICK / CLACK mechanism for wash basins. Fittings, brackets and beams and other additional assortment.

Miano Group pipes and pipe systems provide transport of gases, liquids in a variety of environments and under different physical conditions. For all pipes we provide a proper parts to fasten them.

“MIANO – Fasteners” company is a Czech supplier of components for mounting the pipes and piping systems (load-bearing structures, kits for attaching sleeves to consoles and joists, screws, rods and screws to secure directly into the wall). We offer wide range of about 250 kinds of products for various applications. The quality of all components of the fastening systems is under continuous supervision. Certified products are subject to regular quality control and periodic study of the mechanical properties.